Cashmere Fluenzo

Cashmere Fluenzo

Thursday, August 18, 2011

Strike-a-Pose Assignment 4

I'm finding it very difficult to find my inspiration in this competition...and it's becoming apparent that my entries REALLY aren't that good...I mean, I rarely get negative feedback on here for my pictures that I post, but for just about every strike-a-pose assignment I post, at least 2 people select the negative feedback thing at the bottom of the post =( This has happened once before...but I regained my inspiration by assignment 3 or 4 back when I competed in piapia's competition Superior Modeling. Anyways, I scored VERY low in the wedding assignment, which was more than expected. I thought for sure I would be eliminated, but I BARELY made it. For this assignment, we had to pose with animals. Here was my entry:

Cheyanne is a huge animal lover, and when she was told her next photoshoot took place at the zoo, she was so excited! Cheyanne is obsessed with wild cats, and instantly knew that she wanted to pose in the wild cat reserve. She got right in there with the felines, posing closely with the surprisingly tame leopards.

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