Cashmere Fluenzo

Cashmere Fluenzo

Thursday, April 28, 2011

Little Black Bra Finale

I came in 3rd place in the previous assignment, which was more than expected since my entry really sucked. Anyways, we are now in the finale and for this last assignment, we had to show our model as a pin up promoting our arm, whether it's the military troops, the marines, etc. This was my entry:

She's Got the Look! Assignment 12

I came in first place again in assignment 11! Yaay! Two first places in a row!!! For this next assignment, it was a little tough. We had to choose a premade townie from any of the premade EA neighborhoods and show our models hanging out with them, doing activities that belong to one of the premade's traits. I chose Rickie Striker from Bridgeport and this was my entry:

Cashmere spent the day hanging out with Richie Striker from Bridgeport. As a 5 star celebrity, Cashmere was a little star struck, even though she is a B-list celebrity already. Richie was a great guy to hang out with. He was a little hot-headed and Cashmere hated his temper, but otherwise he was a lot of fun. His biggest trait is his athletic trait and he taught Cashmere how to throw a football. Being seen in public with him also got Cashmere on the A-list celebrity charts >.<

the Gentlemen's Club Assignment 1

For this first assignment, we needed to give our model's reputations and show them in a picture. This was my entry:

Shayne may be no ordinary girl, in both her unique looks and bold attitude, but she knows how to work a room. Shayne has the reputation of the heartbreaker. In a mere bat of the eyelashes, she has men falling all over her.

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

NSF Chapter 28

Chapter 28 is now out!! Look out, NSF fans! New drama is about to unfold.

Sunday, April 24, 2011

Happy Easter

Hey everyone! I hope you all had a great Easter! I spent some time with the family and ended up eating more turkey and mashed potatoes then I ever thought possible. I literally felt light headed and 10 pounds heavier after tonight's meal. As a chocolate addict, I'm in love with this holiday. Been getting chocolate handed to me ALL fricken day, it was wonderful! Anyways, HAPPY EASTER!

Friday, April 22, 2011

She's Got the Look! Assignment 11

I came in first place for the previous assignment. Whoop whoop! I was totally not expecting that with my rushed, kinda plain entry. Oh well. Can't complain! =D For this assignment, we had to choose to either do a dramatic ad or a commercial ad. I chose to do a dramatic ad and this was my entry:

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

New Competition!

Hey guys! Since STRUT is nearing an end and Little Black Bra is now in the finals, I decided to join another competition called the Gentlemen's Club hosted by CashingtheFame. I made a new model for it. Her name is Shayne Fitzpatrick. Here's her headshot and bodyshot.

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

NSF Chapter 27

Chapter 27 is now out!! For once, it's a happy chapter...a nice break from the drama =D

Sunday, April 17, 2011

She's Got the Look! Assignment 10

I came in second place for assignment 9, wooooooot! Looks like my luck is starting to go back to normal in this competition >.< For this assignment, we were all assigned an emotion that we had to portray. Mine was embarrassment. This was my entry:

Despite the fact that her ex boyfriend crashed her wedding, Cashmere still went ahead and married Acer - the man she claims is the love of her life. Her ex boyfriend was not very pleased with this and as Cashmere's fame steadily rises daily, he decided to use that to his advantage. Out of spite, her ex posted pictures on the internet that was meant for his eyes only. She had taken some sexy pictures of herself years ago when they dated for his birthday and he kept them all this time. Within minutes, the pictures went viral and Cashmere couldn't go anywhere without people pointing and staring and men drooling over her. It was so embarrassing!

Thursday, April 14, 2011

STRUT Assignment 2

Rose and I came in second with our gothic runway picture. Woot! For this assignment, we had to portray an anime character, video game character, hero, villain, etc. Rose and I decided to do Cat Woman. We were to do 2 photos: 1 of just the character we chose and a bonus picture showing that character interacting with an item or person they are known to have around them at all times. Here was our entry:


I have reached a breaking point with the stupid freakin' Sims 3 forums! I'm actually starting to see this damn oops! page in my nightmares!

EA is making it fricken hard to run a competition when every time I click on the Forums button, I get graced with the presence of a baby in a dishwasher. And it's only on my Googe Chrome browser. When I use EI, it works fine, except for EI is so fricken slow!!! I will type something and then sit there and wait while I watch what I just type verrrrryyy slowly show up. It's the most agonizing thing to sit through, especially when you're someone with a very short attention span and absolutely NO patience. It's not just MY chrome browser in particular, either. I went on both my laptop and my brother's computer, both which have chrome, and I get this oops! page. *Sigh* Looks like I need to go back to using mozilla firefox =( 

Monday, April 11, 2011

Never Say Forever Chapter 26 Now Out!

I know this chapter took longer than others, but here it finally is!!


Kaleah got accidentally set on fire in the making of this chapter! Don't worry...she made it through...but just barely.

Sunday, April 10, 2011

She's Got the Look! Assignment 9 - CHANGED MY ENTRY!

I wasn't the biggest fan of my previous entry, so I changed it and handed this one in instead:

Friday, April 8, 2011

She's Got the Look! Assignment 9

Again, I didn't score very well in the previous assignment. I used to score VERY well in this competition before it died and then got revived. And now? I keep getting waaaayy below my standards for myself =( Oh well. Keep my head up high, I guess. For this assignment, we had to "bring sexy back" in a sexy role playing entry. Here was my entry:

"When the bell ends the day, the teacher will play..."

Cashmere loved the idea for role playing with this assignment and immediately entered just about all men's young fantasies. She decided to play Sexy School teacher.

Monday, April 4, 2011

Little Black Bra Assignment 3

Still haven't gotten scores for the previous assignment and the competition is running rather slow. Anyways, for this assignment, we were supposed to be topless on a beech scene. This was my entry:

She's Got the Look! Assignment 8

I didn't score very well on my medevil themed picture...4th place is not scoring well for me >.> anyways, for this assignment, we had to choose to portray either a Dream Wedding or a Wedding Nightmare. I decided to mix a little bit of both, ending in a wedding nightmare. Here was my entry:

The day Cashmere was to marry her fiance, Acer was a day that she never wanted to forget - and boy did she get what she hoped for. For the most part, everything was going perfectly. Her neurotic best friend was her maid of honor, which was perfect, considering she was a total perfectionist and loves to plan things. The wedding was in her very capable hands and Cashmere had all the faith in the world that the ceremony would be perfect. As far as anyone could tell, it actually was the the perfect ceremony. The decorations were beautiful and everybody was thrilled for Cashmere and Acer. The only problem they had was the fact that the groomsmen were annoyed that they had to wear pink dress shirts to match the color scheme of the wedding, but otherwise, nothing went wrong. Just before the priest was about to ask them to say their vows, chaos occurred in the form of Cashmere's drunk, jealous ex. He stumbled into the chapel, practically falling all over the isle, calling out "I OBJECT! I OBJECT!" Cashmere couldn't believe her eyes. Acer grew furious, and his best man tried helplessly to calm him down. Cashmere's maid of honor was in complete melt-down mode as everyone watched the so called perfect wedding crash and burn before their eyes.

Friday, April 1, 2011


Here at Flux we have THREE new things launched:

New Flux Collaborative Web Site

The long anticipated: