Cashmere Fluenzo

Cashmere Fluenzo

Thursday, November 25, 2010

Caved In

So, as some of you may already know, I was planning on taking a break from competing so I can focus on hosting my own competitions and my magazine. Well, I caved in the other day and joined a competition >.<

It's called Clique hosted by Bliss87 and its all about highschool. So, naturally, I used a teenage sim. Her name is Ryan Thom. This is her:

We already were assigned the first "Homework Assignment" when I signed up and I got it done right away. We were supposed to show our model on the first day of school and how they felt about the way they looked and which Clique they would belong to. This was my entry:

The idea was supposed to be like...what they would see in a mirror. I did it so that Ryan would catch her reflection in a store window on her way to school and question what she was wearing. She was the new kid at her high school and that was the first day she was going to meet anyone.

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Nature's Finest Finale

Well, as all of my competitions come to a close, I find out that I came in second place for Nature's Finest. It was only expected, though, as my competitor was a seriously good editor and photographer and definitely more than competition for me. I'm happy with this result, especially since I had tried and tried to blow the competition so I would get eliminated for about 3 or 4 assignments straight.

Now, I am out of the competing sim least, for now. I am only merely a host of my own competitions and an editor for Flux Magazine. I have temporarily quit competing...and I'm not sure how much I like that.

Saturday, November 6, 2010

Wow , EA

Gooddnesss ! I am getting sick of all of these random problems that EA seem to throw up on us all the time. It's finally the final assignment for my competition, and when I post the scores and new assignment, I always start by updating the websites and then create a new forum thread. The forums were working just fine a couple minutes before I began this, but the SECOND I decide the create the new thread, the entire site is supposedly "down for maintenance" with no prior warnings. Between the bugs I experience in game and the problems with the forums, EA is quickly travelling further and further down my list. Seriously. Screw your heads on, EA, and enough of the glitches and problems. We NEVER had this many problems when the Sims belonged to Maxis, and you guys are a much bigger company and probably more technologically advanced. Why so many errors?