Cashmere Fluenzo

Cashmere Fluenzo

Thursday, March 31, 2011

Flux Modeling Cycle 3

Want to sign up for the third cycle of my competition? Sign ups are now officially opened!!

Sunday, March 27, 2011

NSF Chapter 25

It's herree!!!!

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

STRUT Assignment 1

For this assignment we were to create a Gothic Runway entry. Since Rose (pooh90) is my designer, she decided that she wanted lace to be our main theme in the outfit. Here was our entry:

Rose's Description:
I wanted to go with an antique gothic look but for it to still look runwayish. With a color skeem of pale purple and black to keep with the antique look. I wanted the outfit to be mainly based around lace so we chose lacy gloves and shoes. For the patern I chose somthing exiding but plain at the same time. 

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

She's Got the Look! Assignment 7

She's Got the Look! has been revived! Andy (the host) came back and asked everyone if they'd like to continue. All but 2 people said yes, so we are back in the competition! When Andy left, she had made assignment 7 that hippy one, but I guess she forgot when she go back because assignment 7 turned into a Going Medieval assignment. For this assignment, we had to do an ingame pic editing allowed EXCEPT editing for exposure/contrast on picnik was REQUIRED. We also had to provide a before and after picture using picnik. Here is my entry:

Here is what I wrote about it:

Description: Forbidden Love. Separated by two different worlds, Cashmere and her lover, Acer Dumont, shouldn't be together. Cashmere has an arranged marriage, just as all maidens of the county do. She's to marry the Duke of Sunset Valley. But, without a doubt, her heart belongs to Acer. Cashmere's family doesn't approve of Acer. He works in the windmills and makes very little money. The Duke was born wealthy and her parents believe that money is everything and she should marry someone who can 'take care of her'. To Cashmere, none of that matters. All she wants is to be with Acer. Will that ever be possible?

Sunday, March 20, 2011

Chapter 24 of NSF Now Out

I know it's been long awaited, but its finally here. The next chapter of Never Say Forever!

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

I'm Sorry, NSF Fans!

I am SOOO sorry that I have kept you all waiting for so long. I am COMPLETELY overloaded with everything Flux...between the magazine and the second cycle of the competition ending, the third cycle starting and much, much more, it's a huge Flux Hump that I'm trying to climb. You will understand everything at the end of the month >.< Unfortunately, I can't say much more about our plans for Flux, as we are keeping a secret so it's a surprise. But, with that being said, I have dedicated my weekends now to story writing when I'm at work. My job is the slackest job in the world..I am a hostess for a showhome and the sale manager is my father, so we practically just sit around the show home making fun of eachother for 10 hours every weekend. My job was literally sit and look pretty and look like I'm busy, and make coffee once or twice a shift. So I recently got a laptop, and now I'm going to bring it to work every weekend and do the story. So this weekend, I promise you that AT LEAST one chapter of NSF will be out...maybe even two.

Sunday, March 13, 2011


I joined a new competition. It's called STRUT by LE =D It's a really cool concept. You either enter in teams of two or she assigns a team member to you once the competition begins. One of you is the model, and the other is the designer. When LE posts the assignment, the designer figures out what to do for the pictures, including everything from the colors to the outfit to the theme, and then the model portrays what the designer tells them too. I decided to be the model, while my co-editor of Flux magazine (pooh90 / Rose) is my designer. Here is my entry headshot:

Friday, March 11, 2011

Little Black Bra Assignment 2

I came in third with my previous assignment. For this assignment, we had to show glitz and glamour. I worked SUPER hard on this one! Here it is:

Let me tell you everything I did fort his picture:

Pose combined just about every single limb together, pose combined her face, drew the makeup, drew the eyelashes, drew the rhinestones, drew the pearls, drew the shall, add highlights and shadows.

Thursday, March 3, 2011

Clique Winner Announced

I came in second! Which, I have to say, is quite awesome, since there were MANY times when I thought I would either not make it in time or would get eliminated =D I'm quite happy. And considering who I was up against (pistolkitten), I knew for sure that she would win. She's amazingly talented. I'm quite pleased with second place. I had A LOT of fun in clique and I know several of you have told me that you, also, had a lot of fun with seeing my pictures! I have no regrets from this competition =)

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Final Clique Assignment

For this assignment, we had to show our model's at graduation, but we weren't allowed to show the actual, boring ol' ceremony. I used a real life pic from my own graduation as inspiration. Here's my entry:

Little Black Bra Assignment 1

For the first assignment, we had to do a "victorian grace" picture. Our palettes needed to be soft, and we had to have a plain background with paneled walls. This was my entry:

Little Black Bra

I joined a new competition, called the Little Black Bra! It's hosted at the ACE (a competitive edge) forums! I decided to use my simself as my model. Here is her bodyshot and headshot: