Cashmere Fluenzo

Cashmere Fluenzo

Saturday, October 1, 2011

Good Bye Message - Quitting Sims

hi guys. im so sorry i've disappeared. im having a really rough time in RL. i just found out i'm pregnant...with twins. and im only 19, so you could probably imagine the toll it's taking on me. the only things i can really focus on right now is working as much as possible before the boys come, since i'm single and doing this completely on my own. my parents have practically disowned me and my life is turned completely upside down right now so i'm sorry to say, that i can not continue with either Flux magazine or this competition. i am so sorry. you all did amazing throughout the flux competition and i feel really bad that i can't complete your scores. this is the first time i've been able to get onto my computer in two weeks, and even then, i only have a few minutes before i have to head to bed so i can be up in time for work tomorrow.

@PK: you were an amazing judge and im going to really miss working with you! if you'd like to post your scores, and make this round the finale, please feel free to. these girls deserve final results and, like i said, i'm completely torn up that i can't deliver them.

@Alix: i am so sorry i havent been able to get back to you through email, but i just don't have the time or energy or mental capacity to finish what i started with the magazine. please, if you'd like to continue on with flux magazine, do so! i would rather the name live on with your amazing leadership skills then see it disappear just because i had to. if not, that's okay too. but you've been an amazing friend and co-worker and thread bumper.

@Rose: oh rose, you have been my sims bff since the day we started talking in my first cycle of flux. you have grown SO much since that first competition and i'm so proud of you. i'm so sorry that i can't continue on with this, even though i told you i would no matter what. i hope you get all that you deserve in your future competitions and in your RL! i hope you email me from time to time letting me know how you are. it's amazing how close you can get to someone, even when you've never met in person and live in separate countries. 

@NSF Fans: you have all been amazing and  i feel terrible that i can't complete the story for you guys. Maybe someday, I can come back to it and i apologize to those who have been fans since day 1 and won't get to see how the story ends. 

@Flux Magazine Team: we have been like a family since most of you were hired and im going to miss all of you like crazy. Thank you all so much for making Flux what it became. I couldn't have done it without you.

@Kween: i'm sorry you had to deal with so much drama and i hope that someday, everyone can move past it so you can continue to do what you love most. good luck in the future and thanks for all of the talks on MSN! it was always nice getting to vent to you, you are always so full of great advice and ideas! Keep up your amazingness. I will miss you!!!

xo Beth

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